Everything changes but you…

Now I know that one of my best friends will absolutely love me for naming my latest post after a song by her most favourite boy band (now man-band) on the planet. It seemed appropriate. We actually went to see Take That in concert in June and it was great fun. As someone who normally goes to see rock/metal bands, this was definitely a change!

Take That

Hearing this song on the radio the other day got me thinking about my current situation. Everything is definitely changing and my anxiety is in a state of flux. And it’s my own fault for wanting to move forward in life.

Last week, I:

Waved goodbye to my current job to pursue a new role elsewhere

After 2 1/2 years, I said goodbye to lots of amazing people and friends too. It was a really sad day. There were some changes made at my place of work that I didn’t agree with and couldn’t carry on there. Sounds trivial but it was to do with talking therapies. Feeling so strongly about it, I had to take a step back. I was a bit of a champion for mental health in the office so it was a big deal to me. However, I’m really excited about going back in a few weeks’ time to do some Mental Health First Aid Training with them which will be amazingly beneficial and a big step for them.


My partner and I have bought a house

Yes, we do indeed like to do everything all at once! We put an offer on the house in May and it just so happened that we signed just after I’d finished my job. We got the keys and started renovating it pretty much immediately. A week in and it’s a bit of a building site but it’s getting there. We’ve had amazing help from family which has made me less anxious and made it more enjoyable too. Here we are outside our first home together… And me with my ecstatic face and weird neck thing…


I’m transitioning in my medication

Definitely the wrong time to be transitioning but it will test if the 100mg of Sertraline are working! Relying on them a bit more as I’ve managed to sprain my ankle so no running to let off the anxiety. Does anyone else feel really tired on Sertraline? It’s making me feel quite sluggish and woozy. My stomach is in a constant state of butterflies, my mind is whizzing 100miles an hour and it’s not slowing down.

There are definitely some BIG changes going on but I’m trying to power through and keep as calm as possible. Really enjoying my new role so far (it’s only been a week!) but the drive makes me rather anxious. I hate not knowing where I’m going and what lanes I need to be in. Sounds daft but I obsess about it. I’m getting slowly better and keeping calm while I tackle it!

Also, I decided to share my story with Hafal and Mental Health UK about my mental health and my relationship with money. Pretty terrified about the reception it will get but if it helps people and makes them feel reassured, it’s worth it. Link to follow when it’s uploaded!




2 thoughts on “Everything changes but you…

  1. Just saw you were following my blog and thanks so much. This looks like really interesting stuff – mind if I link to yours?


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