The UK Blog Awards are here!

So, I’ve done something which is a bit out there for me and wasn’t sure whether it was worth a shot. I’ve added this blog to the nominations in the ‘Health and Social Care’ category for the UK Blog Awards 2018.

Admittedly, I have just had a look and there are some blummin’ amazing blogs in the same category so I’m not holding my breath. What IS great is that there are so many blogs about mental health and people’s experiences. There was a time when people were afraid and possibly ashamed of sharing their stories with the whole world. But now, there are plenty on the UK Blog Awards list that I’m going to subscribe to!

Here are a few I recommend reading:

Mike’s Open Journal

Be Ur Own Light

Anxious Lass

They’re really insightful and great perspectives given from each one. Each person is brave in their own way too which I salute you guys for! These are just a handful of the amazing entries. Check out the other categories too which hold even more awesome blogs.

If you like what you’ve read of this one, then please feel free to vote here:

Blog Awards Web logo

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