Daily Prompt: Vanish the Varnish

This is me. At 5.14pm, stripping back the layers. Taking away the extra layers I didn’t need after a day’s work.

This morning, I adorned myself in fancy clothes, high heels, make up & my ‘Face the World’ mask & headed off into the great, overwhelming outdoors.

Still in between diagnoses, I float off into my hyper focussed state & achieve plenty at my desk before heading out, glossed to the hilt for a networking lunch. The lippy goes on, smile clicks into place & I’m all set.

It’s nice, at the end of the day, to get to the gym & take the varnish off. To strip it all back to just me & my erratic moods, feels like a weight has been lifted.

Never be afraid to vanish the varnish & be you.


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Vanish the Varnish

  1. Oh the dreaded varnish!! I think one day I will write about how the varnish causes young fold mountains and leaves behind eventual craters on my face at times!! Love the post. Good job!!

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