Poem: There’s nothing like a Legend

‘There’s nothing like a legend to turn your life around,

They help you live the life you want & help you stand your ground.

They shower you with so much love & bucket loads of affection,

The times they’ve been your shining knight, far more than you can mention.

They’re nothing like the films, the plays, and books or on TV,

There’s so much more to them than that, so much everyone else can’t see.

They might not ride around on horses or appear in a puff of a cloud,

Instead they’re disguised as normal people, extraordinary & making you proud.

Legends are supposed to be mythical but real life ones are right there,

Just to give you the whole world & show you that they care.’

Dedicated to a real life legends & altogether amazing people who help me so much. And to one in particular who saves me everyday ❤️

Daily Prompt – Legend

2 thoughts on “Poem: There’s nothing like a Legend

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