My best buddy Anger

During the process of trying to find out exactly what my issues are and how to deal with them, I’ve discovered I have a new best friend.

Someone that I’m drawing closer to, taking knowledge from, and someone who’s leading by example in my life at present. My good old buddy, Anger. This is how I think she’d look…


Now, you might know Anger and be able to quieten her down when she gets too much. I can’t seem to do this. She’s the friend you don’t want.

You’re quite happily plodding along with your distant buddies ‘Calm’ and ‘In control’ when suddenly, Anger feels neglected and kicks off that you’re not paying her any attention. Then, ‘BAM!’ you’re on a one-woman trip to Regretsville with no way of getting off that train. Again, it’s what I imagine & I don’t actually look like that ⬇️

Anyone who struggles with their anger will know only too well what if feels like.

So, the other morning, I was trying to eat my breakfast and the puppy was being naughty. She was trying to eat the curtains, Christmas tree, my foot, digging the carpet and barking; basically anything to get my attention. I, thanks to various books and training advice, was ignoring her.

However, the surge of anger came. Now, the rational side of my brain said ‘She’s only a puppy’ and ‘You know she’s doing this for attention’, however the ir-rant-tional side is screaming ‘I can’t take it. She’s interrupting my routine and my time. She’s distracting me and being a nightmare’.

Physical feelingsBurning/fluttering in the pit of my stomach

  • Feeling hot
  • Feeling flush with rage
  • Getting the shakes
  • Getting hot sweats
  • Wanting to punch something
  • Wanting to scream

Mental feelingsRage

  • Stress
  • Irritability

Anger, of course, is there egging me on. It’s making me want to scream at the top of my lungs until I run out of air, cry hysterically, leave the house and runaway. Anger is basically taking over and kicking me out of my own skin. Since I’ve started on new medication (Quetiapine), it’s getting worse. I’m getting angry because I’m letting Anger get to me and spur me on.

If anyone has any tips of how they control their good friend Anger, I’m all ears.

I’m trying to move away from my intoxicating friend Anger & focus more on those true friends, Calm & In Control & Safe. The ones that keep me (half) sane and keep me out of trouble. The fluttery feelings will hopefully pass & I’m going to attempt to stay away from Anger & her train to Regretsville & maybe give Patience and Calm a try. I hear they’re lovely this time of year.

It’s been emotional, Anger buddy, but it’s time we parted ways. For now.

13 thoughts on “My best buddy Anger

  1. Oh, it’s good to see I’m not the only one with a best friend I don’t want. Mine, however, is anxiety, and I’m managing him (for now).

    What concerns me about your story is that your anger is getting worse with your current meds. I would highly recommend going over this with your GP and see what they say about it. Maybe they can find something that works without the anger side effects. Anger always brings its own friends, like high blood pressure and other stress-related issues. I strongly feel this is something that should involve a doctor.

    Good luck!

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  2. So busy this morning but I’m commenting to say I related to this and I really want to have a good think and return here with some reflections on my experience, which is similar. But I may have techniques you don’t that I could offer, and vice versa. That being said I recently realised that when you are an anxious person anger really can be your friend and the only way you’ll ever get taken seriously. It’s like being the cute little puppy everyone hassles until you bite them they leave you alone.

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  3. Ahem: remembering my gist. I can relate to this. I may have some tips for controlling anger I can offer, which may be different from yours. And vice versa. However recently I have realised how anger really can be a friend when you are anxious as people don’t take you seriously until you lash out!

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