Proclivity for the mind

In truth, I did just have to Google what the Daily Prompt: Proclivity actually meant, but thought I’d give it a go.

I have a proclivity for talking about mental health. It’s something I feel passionately about, strongly about & having experience of it, it’s something I have tendency to talk about a lot.

However, since the update to my ‘diagnosis’, I feel a bit like a fraud. I don’t feel ok in my skin. My mind is an unsure, uneven, overwhelmed entity. I feel like I don’t fit into the world I do strongly associate with.

My proclivity for mental health also goes hand in hand with that of my other love, running. It helps clear the fog, gets me away from the annoyance of daily life & lets me breathe. I’ve run the stages (5k,10k, Half Marathon & Marathon), read so many books, have collected running tops, medals etc. It waned for a bit because I was injured but I’m getting back to it by taking part in RED January. ‘RED’ stands for ‘Run Every Day’ – and is to raise money for the mental health charity, Mind.

This will have my focus for the next month. I do have a tendency to launch full force into things & then give up so we’ll see!

What do you have a strong tendency to talk about? What gets you excited?

8 thoughts on “Proclivity for the mind

  1. This is a marvelous article very passionate words my friend, i am sure with like minded people Mental health will be better understood. great stuff buddy.
    if you want to take your mind somewhere else for a while i would appreciate your thoughts on my recent blog.

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  2. I talk a lot about positivity AND makeup. I used to have a YouTube channel where I posted reviews and applications of makeup. It made me anxious to post all the videos because I constantly compared, which is my Friday post on my blog. But I do love to talk about skin care, new makeup, new looks, ect. I think I was born in Sephora.

    I used to be a runner, and my hips took a turn for the worse, and now I can only walk my dog unless I go to the gym. But when I was a runner, discussing it was like word vomit. If you mentioned running, I was all ears. And then you were subject to hearing me talk about it.

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    • Really? Thatโ€™s great that you talk about make up positively. It makes me feel nice but itโ€™s not something I enjoy. I wish I did! Iโ€™ll definitely have a look at your channel ๐Ÿ™‚ it may well inspire me! Oh no, poor you with the running. How do you find the gym? Dog walking is very therapeutic:) quite enjoying taking our puppy out walking getting some fresh air! X


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