There once was a girl allergic to life

When I told my partner the Daily Prompt was ‘Allergic’, he laughed wholeheartedly out loud. Here’s why…

I happen to have a lot of allergies & these sunnies are my besties all year round!

My family & friends think it’s quite funny. Even I think it’s pretty laughable to wear sunglasses in the dark & inside because my eyes are puffed up!

Anyways, always one to take advantage, here’s my little poem about it!

There once was a girl allergic to life,

Dust, pollen, feathers & even to wildlife.

It affected her face & made her sneeze,

Made her ears itch & made her wheeze.

She wore sunglasses in winter & in the rain,

To hide her puffy eyes again & again.

She had shares in Piriton & Benedryl too,

Every month buying 50 packets of tissues.

But still all year round she wears those sunnies inside,

Because she’s the girl who’s allergic to life!


8 thoughts on “There once was a girl allergic to life

  1. Love the shades! I have to wear shades like everywhere, maybe not so much in the dark but in stores and stuff because of my light sensitivity. Causes huge headaches! 😦 So I kinda feel your pain, but not allergy-wise. Lol. I think I lucked out genetically, my dad’s side have really bad sinus problems and allergic to everything like pollen etc, but it passed onto my brother and not me. 😛 I really like the poem too! 🙂

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  2. Sorry about the allergies.
    I LOVE that first picture you put on this post, though. It is mesmerizing – cosmos are one of my most favorite flowers. It brings the promise of spring, which…I guess isn’t so great for some. (you can tell I don’t have allergies) My husband has terrible allergies, though. He started using that steroid nasal spray a few years ago – it’s been a God-send. He doesn’t start the day with a bout of sneezing anymore.

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    • Thank you so much, that’s so lovely of you. They’re so pretty aren’t they? I can admire from a distance hehe! Does he? Good tip! I’ll be onto that this year!


  3. Great poem, loved it 🙂 I used to be allergic to all pollen and a bunch of other things but lately I’m only really suffering from smoke but I tend to wheeze rather than sneeze – not sure if that counts as allergy or asthma tho, lol!

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