*Please vote for me!*

This is a bit of an ‘out of the ordinary’ post but what the heck.

This blog is a finalist in the Regional Awards in Cardiff where I’m from. I’m absolutely delighted that its potential has been recognised in the ‘Influencer Award’ category.

Influencer-AwardI’m in a category with some awesome talent and pretty top notch blogs. I’m not expecting to get especially far but it would be amazing if you could spare 30 seconds and vote for me.

I would absolutely appreciate it!

To get a mental health blog as a finalist in a local awards ceremony is a pretty good feat. Considering how much stigma is still out there, putting it into the public sphere is winning enough and I’m mega proud. (Not over keen on how much it is to go along but hey-ho, I’ll save a couple of quid if I don’t end up winning anyway!)

Big love to everyone!x

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