The moral compass

The arrow flies around it’s circumference looking for a secure place,

It doesn’t know where to begin, nor which way it should face.

The decorative arrow spins & the whirring cogs turn,

But still it’s confused & still doesn’t learn.

You throw the contraption around with no real thought,

Instead of looking at your morality & what you’ve been taught.

With your mixed up virtues, values & vice,

You’re not that bothered who ends up paying the price.

And still your moral compass has no direction,

You treat it with so much disregard & no real affection.

Just like the people who exist in your life,

You stab them in the back with your sharpest, most hurtful knife.

If you carry on like this, you realise your compass will leave?

Is this what you were ultimately hoping to achieve?

For now, appreciate your compass & everything you’ve got,

Before one day, you wake up & you’ve lost the lot.

The Daily Prompt- Compass