There once was a girl allergic to life

When I told my partner the Daily Prompt was ‘Allergic’, he laughed wholeheartedly out loud. Here’s why…

I happen to have a lot of allergies & these sunnies are my besties all year round!

My family & friends think it’s quite funny. Even I think it’s pretty laughable to wear sunglasses in the dark & inside because my eyes are puffed up!

Anyways, always one to take advantage, here’s my little poem about it!

There once was a girl allergic to life,

Dust, pollen, feathers & even to wildlife.

It affected her face & made her sneeze,

Made her ears itch & made her wheeze.

She wore sunglasses in winter & in the rain,

To hide her puffy eyes again & again.

She had shares in Piriton & Benedryl too,

Every month buying 50 packets of tissues.

But still all year round she wears those sunnies inside,

Because she’s the girl who’s allergic to life!


Hygge, feeling cozy and puppy cuddles

So, I don’t know about you, but I love getting cozy on a cold winters night, armed with hot chocolate, my PJs and our puppy.

I also love the newish concept of ‘Hygge’.It hints at being able to relax and enjoy your own space & time. For someone with anxiety, this can be really hard. I’m constantly on the go. Reading To Aspie or Not to Aspie’s blog about behaving oneself and learning to chill out has made me see that I need to be cozy & cuddle the pup more often. I mean look at its little, furry 4 month old face…

This was our attempt at cozy with my partners sister Ellie, Dominos pizza & Mamma Mia… Except Maisey the fluffy whirlwind had other ideas!

Rules for coziness:

  1. PJs are a must
  2. A cheesy happy film is a goer
  3. Good company, be that your own or someone else’s
  4. Chocolate
  5. Plenty of blankets

We did pretty well tonight at cozy… when we weren’t outside in -1C waiting for our fluffy friend to ‘drop the kids off’!

Via Daily Prompt: Cozy

Want to see a super cute puppy…?

… Then absolutely read on.

So if you’re an animal lover like me, nothing in the world can excite you more than getting your very own pet. Now, bless my poor partner, I’ve been going on and on and on and mostly, on about getting a little four-legged friend. We moved into our house, I asked ‘Is it puppy time?’, every time someone went past with a dog it was ‘Look at its little face!’ and so on.

I was not expecting that said partner would call me up from downstairs one Friday morning and say ‘I reckon we should get a puppy now.’ I think I might’ve stopped breathing.

All joking apart, it’s been proven that dogs can actually help your mental health in a few ways:

  • They make you smile
  • They give you focus
  • Cuddles help alleviate stress/anxiety
  • Going out for walks and getting fresh air can really help
  • They give you so much love that you can’t help but fall for them

Also saw that today on BBC News it says dog owners have a lower mortality rate…Hurrah!

Well, ours has certainly made an impact in the past 3 weeks. Granted, we’ve found it really hard and a massive change to both our lives. But, it’s a great thing.

And here she is…. Our Maisey.


When I’m feeling blue, it’s like she can tell so she sits on my shoulder or wants a cuddle or wants to play. She’s a welcome distraction from some of the things that go around in my head. My partner and me will sit and watch TV and she’ll come and perch herself on us. We then do the ‘Awww look how cute she is!’ and ‘We’re so glad we got her’ type cooing. Very parent-like!

It’s such a good thing my partner is there and we can share the puppy because if I was alone, it might just push me over the edge. I’ve never had to look after something so fully before and it rely on me for feeding, going to the toilet and cuddles. He’s been fantastic and if he can see it’s getting to me, he’ll take her away for 5mins so I can collect my calm. (She won’t pose for a selfie like this with me!)

Los and pup

She’s 11 weeks old now and we’re all getting used to each other. We’ve been taking her to ‘Puppy socialisation’ or ‘a class where puppies run around and I think I’ve gone to heaven’. She does like to wander off. All the other puppies are playing together and ours is exploring and trying to climb things. Definitely should’ve called her Dora. She does make me smile and I do find my anxiety subsides… Well, sometimes when I’m not worrying about her. This little face is already helping me feel a bit less on edge and more settled.

See? I wasn’t wrong when I promised you a cute puppy.

me and pup