Daily Prompt: Inheritance – Poem

A very random change from the usual but poetry has been so important for my mental health growing up. Love a good poem & a rhyming one at that!

Here goes….

‘You visit old Aunt Mable, sitting in her rocking chair,

Wondering when it’s time to leave and whether she would care.

She’s really not enamoured with your visit or your presence,

As you’re chatting Marksies biscuits and how the weather makes no sense.

She tells you ‘You don’t know how lucky you are’ as you read her the weekly news,

Your parents really stitched you up when they buggered off on their cruise.

They left miserable Aunt Mable in your hands as they went travelling,

Not giving but a second thought to your brain & how it’s frazzling.

‘You need to keep the old bird sweet while she’s counting up her pennies’,

She likes to save them every day, but we just don’t know how many.

We know that you’re her favourite, someone she really likes,

She definitely likes you better than cousins Connie, Jill or Mike. ‘

And while your cunning parents enjoy their time away lapping up the sun,

You’ve been sat for hours with Aunt Mable, oh wait, it’s only been one.’

– Inspired by The Daily Prompt for today!