Make your voice heard: Young people’s mental health services

A couple of months ago, I blogged about how important it is for there to be support for children and young people struggling with their mental health after Time to Change Wales launched the #WeCanWeWill campaign.

(I absolutely love this video from the campaign (featuring my lovely buddy) where Beth and Emily are talking about their experiences. Watch it here.

The UK Government has now put forward proposals in relation to young people’s mental health including:

  • the introduction of ‘designated mental health leads’ in schools and colleges
  • setting up mental health support teams working with schools to give young people earlier access to services
  • trialling a 4-week waiting time for NHS Children and Young People’s Mental Health Services

It’s definitely good to see the Government making an effort to help those suffering with their mental health from a younger age. And it’s so important that we do. But is it too late for some people? It’s definitely too late for the 1 in 4 who are already experiencing these issues and are in various systems trying to cope and get support.

It’s also good to see that the Government is asking for views/opinions of people when making these calls about what services to provide.

I got an email today asking me for my views on mental health services for children and young people. I thought this was pretty good from an engagement perspective but then I wondered how many children and young people were actually receiving this email?

Are you a young person struggling with your mental health or know someone that is? Help make their future that bit brighter. Respond to the consultation honestly with your ideas. If you’re a young person struggling, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD and take part in the UK Government consultation, click here.